Dumpsters: Important Rental Details

The stress you feel about clearing out an entire house can be almost overwhelming. With so much to pack or get rid of, you can't rely on just your personal trash cans to hold everything. Your neighbors won't appreciate your putting everything out on the front curb until trash pickup day either. Renting a dumpster can present a real source of help, unless you compound your own stress by ignoring the following.

1-Securing Permits

You might never have even heard of the "permits office" that quietly operates across town in the municipal building. However, this office could be tremendously important if you're ever renting a dumpster. That's because it's likely that your town will want you to seek permission before you do it. Why?

Your own property is not always the best place for a rental dumpster. Putting it on your personal driveway or on the lawn can be a grave error. Dumpsters, especially full ones, can be rather weighty and when it's taken away, your lawn will be flattened and your driveway might be less stable than before. For the sake of your own property you may want to keep the dumpster on the public street in front of your house, and that's why you'll need a permit. The permit application should be rather straightforward and staffers can tell you when to expect an approval.

Some people view this process as a waste of time, thinking that municipal authorities won't know about the dumpster, but if neighbors call or the police should happen by on their regular patrols and ask for a permit, you should have one. If you are found out, you could be fined a lot of money for skipping the permit.

2-Observe Loading Limits

It's almost fun to lift and throw things into the dumpster without worrying about where it will go after it leaves your house. In fact, you might be so relieved that you've got a receptacle for house contents that you load more than you expected. However, if you're ignoring loading limits and just assuming the rental company won't notice, that's a mistake. 

Rental companies take their limits very seriously for the sake of their own drivers and other public drivers as well. If their driver pulls away from your property with an overflowing dumpster, objects can fall and crash down in front of other motorists, causing them to swerve or come into contact with other vehicles. Therefore, ask about and observe these limits so you're not stuck taking things out until the driver can take the dumpster away.

These dumpster details are important. Keep communication open with the rental company and their driver so you're sure everything related to the dumpster will go well. Contact a service, like Horizon Disposal Servies Inc. , for more help.

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