Three Ways You Can Order A Dumpster For Your Next Remodeling Project

If you have never ordered a dumpster before, you might be wondering how to go about this. Attacking a major remodeling project will not be successful if you do not have a place to dump all of the wreckage you pull out of a room. That is why securing a dumpster prior to the start of your project is so essential. Here are the more popular ways of ordering a dumpster for your next remodeling project.


Most dumpster rental companies have a way for you to reserve your dumpster online. This makes it much easier for customers who already have very busy lives and hectic schedules because you can make the reservation any time day or night. Usually, the company will call you the next business day to confirm the time, date, and place you want for your dumpster, as well as the size of the dumpster.  The company may even call on the very day you want the dumpster dropped off to confirm that someone is present at home and can sign for the dumpster's delivery.


The second most popular way to reserve a dumpster and pay for it is by calling the dumpster rental company. Some people prefer this method because then they can ask all of the questions they want to ask while they are on the phone making the reservation. Confirmation is made right away, too, which helps eliminate the rare possibility of not being able to get a dumpster for the date and time you have requested.

Stopping in in Person

Very few people reserve a dumpster rental like this anymore. However, if you pass by the dumpster rental company every day on your way to/from work, it makes sense to pop in and make your reservation that way. It is exceptionally nice because you get all of your reservation paperwork, signed and ready to go, while you are in the office. Then you do not have to sign anything or fill out anything on the day your dumpster is delivered.

Make Sure to Make Your Reservation Well in Advance

Dumpsters could sit around for months, and then, BOOM! Everybody wants one on the same day! Avoid the last minute rush and the potential disappointment by making your reservation at least a month in advance. If you need the dumpster right before construction season begins in late spring, book a couple of months in advance.

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